The following examples may help with wording and layout of your invitations…

When titles are used, the title to whom it belongs (husband or wife) always comes first.

Doctor and Mrs. John A. Mackenson
Doctor Kay Mackenson and Mr. John A. Mackenson
The Honorable Kay Mackenson and Mr. John Mackenson
Mr. and Mrs. John Mackenson
Without a title the wife’s name always comes first.

Kay and John Mackenson
When children’s names are added, the father’s name comes first, followed by the mother’s name and then the children’s names are listed in order of age, beginning with the oldest.

The John Mackenson Family
John, Kay, Susan, Charlotte and Holly Mackenson
Uses of Jr., II, III, etc.
A comma always proceeds “junior”, whether written out or abbreviated.

John Alec Mackenson, Jr. or John Alec Mackenson, junior (small “j”)
John Alec Mackenson, II
(a comma usually precedes the “II” or “III” however, some men prefer to omit the comma. Either way is correct.)
Married or Widowed Woman

Mrs. John Mackenson –or– Kay Mackenson (The only time you would use Mrs. Kay Mackenson is if she were divorced)
Use of Plurals:
When name ends in s, x, z, ch, or sh…add “es”

Simons plural would be Simonses
Mitch plural would be the Mitches
Cox plural would be Coxes
Grasch plural would be Grasches
Graetz plural would be Graetzes
Dash plural would be the Dashes
When names end in o or y…add “s”

Copelo plural would be Copelos
Gregory plural would be the Gregorys
Only use an apostrophe to show possession, never to make a name plural.

Greetings from the Brammers is correct.
Join us on the Brammer’s boat is correct
Sometimes the plural form of a name may not sound appropriate.

The word “Family” after the last name may sound and look better.
The Bateses (yuck!)…The Bates Family (ahhh!)