Knowing Who Responded:

Because response cards are often returned unsigned or illegible, it is suggested that you number-code your guest list on the back of each response card with small print in the lower right corner for ease of tracking whose response card has been returned. You should request that response cards be returned by a date that is at least two to four weeks prior to your event.

“Day Of” items:

Various additional printed items are needed for the day of your event as well. We carry an extensive assortment of custom escort cards, seating cards, menus, programs, napkins and table numbers, to name a few. Ideally, the coloration and design of these items should work with the décor and overall look of your wedding.

A second appointment may be arranged with us no later than two months before your wedding to place your order. The bride and groom should consult with their caterer and venue to inquire as to whether any of these items are included in their wedding package and if they will be supplied for them.